Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Source of Inspiration

"Where do come up with this stuff?"

That's the question I hear the most.  The truth is, it comes from everywhere.  But then there are times that nothing happens.  I surf Pinterest and Instagram and still nothing appeals to me.  Going for a walk doesn't jolt anything out of my muse.  So then I have to get creative with ways to get creative!

A few weeks ago I had a two-day virtual trunk show on one of my Facebook groups.  During the course of the event Inspiration knocked on my laptop screen.  I didn't know what to give away as a prize, so I asked the participants to design their own!

As you can see, there were some really great suggestions.  There was also a lot of room left for interpretation, which sparked my dormant creativity.  And since my creativity spark was lit, I decided to fan it into a full flame and make them ALL!

Since I didn't make them in order (and there's one left to do at this point), I'm not going to reveal them in order.  Let's start with the winner!  A mushroom in the colors of the fiesta danglies - variegated shades of mint, turquoise, and purple.  

Wait.  What?  You don't know what fiesta danglies are?  Ah!  You weren't at my trunk show!  Don't worry, I will include a link to the group at the bottom so you don't miss out on the fun again.  I'm unbelievably thoughtful like that.

Behold!  Fiesta Danglies.

I have been known to give my beads and jewelry components cutesy names.  Don't judge me.  

First up, I have to make a mushroom.  The first mushroom attempt will not be shown.  This is a family friendly blog, and we all know what mushrooms look like.  *nudge nudge wink wink*  So here is the second attempt at making a mushroom that doesn't look so much like a mushroom looking body part.

Still bears a slight resemblance, but there's really no getting completely away from it.  Unless I did a morel mushroom.  Now why am I just now thinking of that?  Because my mind stays in the gutter. Obviously.

I neglected to take a picture of the mushrooms after they were bisque fired, so just image those same 'shrooms in white.  But since our Winner didn't request white, they got all fancied up in fiesta colors!

Well, one did.  I haven't done anything with the second mushroom yet.  That may be another Design Your Own contest in the future!

As promised, if you would like to join in on the fun, just join my Facebook Group.  It features all handmade jewelry components!  

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